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5 Ways to Reuse Our Glass Bottles

At Springwater naturals, we believe in reducing our impact on the earth. While we are working towards our packaging being refillable, we figured in the meantime; we would give you some ideas on how to reuse our glass handsoap bottles.

1. Buy cleaning supplies in bulk and decant them into our bottles

Buying products in bulk can reduce single-use plastic consumption when refilling your products isn't possible. We are always of the mind that being more sustainable isn't about perfection and being "zero waste" but consistently making small swaps that create less waste. All of this is to say one big plastic container a year versus six small bottles is a large reduction in waste in the long run.

2. make and store your own fertilizer

The growing season is upon us, and if you're looking to help your plants out while reducing kitchen waste, this hack is for you. This DIY recipe uses leftover eggshell banana peel and coffee grounds to give your indoor and outdoor garden an extra boost. Make a batch, add some to your regular watering and store it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks!

3. Refill with shampoo or conditioner at your local Refillery

We are so happy to see refilleries becoming more popular in the GTA! They help reduce your waste by refilling the containers you already have with various hygiene and cleaning supplies. This swap could save hundreds of plastic bottles from the landfill every year. So wash out your hand soap bottle and bring them down to a bulk supply near you.

Our favourite refilleries :

Park Market Refillery (Oakville, Burlington)

The kind matter co (Oakville, Milton)

The Green Jar (Toronto)

4. Fill with coffee syrups or make your own

If you can run our containers through the dishwasher once or twice as well as thoroughly clean out the pump using vinegar, you can reuse this bottle for food. We recommend trying out some DIY coffee syrups to up your at-home coffee game (and maybe even save a few bucks on your weekly coffee run)

5. Get crafty and upcycle them into decor!

Here are some of our top picks for creative ways to reuse our bottles!

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