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5 Reasons Why Sea Salt Soap Should Replace your Shaving Cream

Our secret to getting a silky smooth shave is no doubt sea salt soap. This soap has traditional roots and is packed with natural benefits that will completely change your shaving game. Here is our short list of reasons you should make the switch!

It's the natural way to shave

This soap will provide a clean shave that is kind to your skin using natural oils and scents. We forgo the sulphates and emulsifiers used in traditional shaving creams as they can increase the risk of health issues and leave skin irritated.

A great low waste option

Our sea salt soaps are sold in a cardboard carton and can be stored in an aluminum tin. Switching to this low waste shaving soap can help reduce the number of aerosol cans and plastic tubs that go to waste each year.

Exfoliates and moisturizes with one bar

The sea salt in this bar provides a gentle exfoliation that loosens dead skin cells allowing you to get a closer shave. At the same time, skin-nourishing oils provide hydration that will last long after you shave.

It has a rich lather without clogging your razor

Sea salt soaps give you all the moisture and suds to get a clean shave without the frustration of having to rinse your razor 20x per leg. This lather has less soapy bulk than traditional shaving creams but still leaves the skin feeling nourished.

Sea salt helps reduce inflammation

Using sea salt soap can help reduce post-shave irritation helping to banish water retention and follicle-clogging bacteria. This is the work of the powerful antiseptic qualities of sea salt that have been used in medicine for thousands of years.


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